Recommended places to visit being:

Anglo Boer War monuments

The origin of the Vaal River

Historical buildings


Cemetery of both British and Boer soldiers side by side

Bushmen paintings in caves in surrounding areas

Many activities from stargazing to frog-viewing outings.



Situated in the Grass and Wetlands region of the Mpumalanga province lies the town of Ermelo. Two of South Africa’s most famous musicians come from Ermelo, namely Jennifer Ferguson and the late Lucky Dube.


Ermelo was established on the site of a church built in 1871 by the Reverent Frans Cachet. The site was named after his loyal friend from a town named Ermelo situated in the Netherlands. Ermelo was for a long time, used as a stop over place for wagon trains travelling between Lydenburg on the Mpumalanga Escarpment and KwaZulu Natal. The area was well known for its excellent horse breeders and small livestock. Unfortunately, Ermelo was totally destroyed during the second Anglo-Boer War. Since then, it has been rebuilt and has again become the focal point of the Eastern Highveld.


Today, Ermelo is the educational, industrial as well as commercial centre of a proud 7,750m² district in the Mpumalanga province in South Africa. As you wander around this lovely town you will notice the gorgeous scattered maize, cattle and apple farms to mention a few.


Anthracite, coal and torbanite mining also takes place here.


Ermelo boasts magical beauty as it is ideally situated amongst the grass and wetlands region of the Mpumalanga Province. There are several nearby spectacular dams that also provide excellent fishing, bird watching and all forms of watersports. Game viewing can be enjoyed in the Ermelo area.


For a historical experience of the area, there are a few ruins of a settlement dating 1400 which can be found and explored. In addition, there are a few fascinating San paintings located on the Welgelegen farm. Of special interest are the Leghoya Stone Huts that can be found on the beautiful Tafelkop Mountains. These huts date back to the 14th century.


The Mpumalanga Grass and Wetlands region is a birding paradise. This serene region is located in the south eastern part of Mpumalanga and shares its borders with Swaziland, KwaZulu Natal and the Free State provinces. Highlights of the region include the hundreds of lakes and forgotten hamlets in the central area, rock formations and splendid scenery of the imposing mountains.


It is in the Grass and Wetlands region where one can engage in unusual activities like "frogging expeditions" or watch stars during "stargazing weekends". Fierce battles were fought in the past, with the most notable being the battle of Chrissiesmeer that is annually re-enacted. In the region, you can discover and marvel at the lost legoya nation's huts that are still standing after a millennium, as well as Bushmen paintings.

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